Closing a Business

This page is intended to be utilized as a resource to those businesses which are closing in North Kingstown to ensure they have completed all necessary closing procedures. Please note, that businesses that close on or before 12/31 of the calendar year must notify the Assessor's Office within 30 days of that date, and are required to file and AFFADAVIT OF BUSINESS CLOSING form by 1/31 of the new year in order not to be held liable for a Tangible Property Tax Bill in the new year.  

This is in accordance with RI General Laws 44-5-15, 16, &12.1, which states that taxable property must be declared to the Assessor between December 31st and January 31st each year. If a taxpayer is unable to make such declaration within the prescribed time, they may submit written notice prior to January 31st of intention to submit declaration by March 15th. Failure to file a true and exact account, within the prescribed time, eliminates the right to appeal. No amended returns will be accepted after March 15th.