New Business in North Kingstown

Business Benefits

North Kingstown is a highly attractive place to conduct business due to its:

  • Amenities
  • Central location
  • Overall quality of life
  • Quality education system
  • Transportation system

New businesses are relocating to, starting up, or expanding in North Kingstown due to the favorable community and quality growth. 

Community Investment

In addition, the Town continues to support the community and businesses through wise investments in critical environmental, utility, transportation, and recreation infrastructure. Recent examples include road and commuter rail transportation improvements at Wickford Junction, and sewer planning and installation on southern Post Road and in Wickford Village. North Kingstown recently completed a community wide market analysis providing strategic guidance regarding business and economic growth.

Opening a Business

View the business "Flow Chart (PDF)" illustrating a one-page snapshot of how to open a North Kingstown business

Looking for a Business

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