Planning and Development

Blueprint Plans

Our Mission

The overall mission of the Department of Planning and Development is to facilitate change within the vision of the community; to assist the community in developing its vision; and to insure the protection and balance of personal rights and quality of life.

The Department of Planning and Development is the Town's primary center for long and short range planning. The Department provides staff support to the: 

  • Planning Commission
  • Zoning Board of Review
  • Historic District Commission
  • Community Development Program Advisory Committee
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee
  • Wickford Advisory Committee
  • Conservation Commission

For these groups we aide in the form of agendas, staff reports, advice on and processing of applications, record keeping and minutes. In addition, the Department provides planning and technical assistance to other Town boards such as the Harbor Management Commission. During Fiscal Year 1999, the Department provided technical staff to the Wickford Village Committee as well. The listing of each of these commission's membership is available on the Town Clerk's web page.


The Department prepares the annual Capital Improvement Program report for the Asset Management Commission and is assisting the Planning Commission with the 5-year update to the Comprehensive Plan. The Town Council and the Town Manager are also provided with direct staff assistance on selected matters. The Planning and Development Department has an important role in providing information to the public about land use, zoning and other Town regulations, flood hazard areas, demographics, and open space. The North Kingstown Zoning Ordinance as well as the Subdivision and Land Development Regulations are available here through the Municipal Code Corporation.


Zoning Map

Wickford Tide Gauge: First Few Months of Data Collection