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           A business’ success is based upon a variety of things, but at the very core of it all, and perhaps most importantly, a business’ greatness is a reflection of its founders and sits upon their shoulders for inspiration and vision. The more unique and fun the business, the more dependent it is upon the vision and execution of its ownership. Not surprisingly this is even more so the case when it comes to craft breweries, brewpubs, and the beer world they operate in. So too is the case with West Passage Brewing Company, a local Rhode Island brewery nestled on Post Road in a building that has gone through a variety of new leases on life, but which originally started as a Post Road home, before being a gas station, service station, and motel. North Kingstown-ites may remember its most recent incarnation as Gillian’s Ale House before Scott and his wife Cheryl decided, far from retiring, that they’d wanted to start a local brewpub.

This involved an intensive search, which ultimately culminated in the location West Passage Brewing has come to enjoy today. Breaking ground on construction in September of 2020, it took Scott, Cheryl, and the architectural team behind West Passage Brewing 9 months to “gut it and start over on a full overhaul.” One that would be in keeping with Cheryl’s vision and design for the space. 

When asked about the advantages of locating on the Post Road, Scott chuckles “we’re the only ones here, and it’s an 8-minute commute from my house.”

However, that wasn’t the only reason Scott decided to open a brewpub on Post Road. 

As Scott tells it; “I finally go to the point where I was brewing better than I could buy.”

This comes as little surprise given Scott’s 30 plus years of brewing experience prior to opening West Passage. And with the addition ofGerry and Scott  Brew day Gerry, a longtime college friend, colleague, and former roommate, with whom Scott also shares a passion for brewing one can’t be surprised at the delicious brews and great chemistry coming out of this brewpub, after all they’re practiced.

“We were poor college students and we liked better beer than Old Milwaukee.” 

Asked what they enjoy about brewing these many years later now that they find themselves professionals in the industry there isn’t a moment’s doubt. “It’s just fun, we tweak, we play.”

And that’s in keeping with the ethos and atmosphere of West Passage Brewing, which, as they say, is to “enjoy the beer, food, and time with friends & family. And to remember enjoyment is about not taking things too seriously! After all, they don’t." 

While their selection of brews is both delicious and impressive, one can’t forget the food component that ties everything together and keeps folks coming back, whether they’re beer drinkers or not.  

“I’m surprised how many people come in here for the food and forget it’s a brewery, we’ll have people order a full meal without ordering a beer before remembering where they are.” 

It’s a testament to the vision, overhaul, and ambiance Scott and Cheryl have worked so hard to foster and encourage and the level of inclusion that can be found as you walk through West Passage’s front doors. Perhaps that’s why you’re always greeted with the warmth and hustle bustle of laughter and involved conversation when you wander in. Or why after over 45 years of brewing experience Scott and Gerry, contrary to burning out, only seem to be showing increased enthusiasm for their passion, art, and business.

It is for this reason that Scott was adamant about having 5 beers at launch, and increasing his tap offerings to 8 thereafter. Now West Passage routinely has a variety of 10 beers on tap and has 16 recipes in rotation, with names like Drunken Horseman, Full Body Wag and Tipsy Mouse, you know you’re in for a treat. What’s more, this has resulted in a variety of seasonal brews for locals and beer aficionados a like to look forward to. 

While Scott and Gerry continue to experiment, perfect, and grow their beer offerings, West Passage is also expanding their food offerings and working to encourage business partnerships. Most recently, this has taken the form of a weekend breakfast offering in partnership with the newly renovated Blue Beach Motel. Doors open at 8am and include the classic breakfast fare you know and love. 

Breakfast - French Toast
“Everything is made in house from scratch: 4 egg omelets, chicken and waffles, southern biscuits and gravy. It’s all just done right.” 

And the enticing breakfast menu doesn’t stop there; with a comprehensive selection of Benedicts, waffles, flap jacks, and French toast as well as a house breakfast burger there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. 

One thing that is clear, with the continued success and expansion of food services, and to be in keeping with Scott and Cheryl’s commitment to excellent service that keeps you coming back is that West Passage Brewery is going to need good additional food staff moving forward. A challenge that, using the positive atmosphere and attitudes of the employees as a barometer, should be very manageable. 

“Scott is probably the best person you will work for in a lifetime.” 

This sentiment is echoed as you walk through the brewpub and meet its staff and seems to come down to the fun that so many associate with this special space. West Passage has been so successful at this in fact, that some employees enjoy coming in to hangout on their off days! This echoes Cheryl and Scott’s vision for the space and the time and energy they’ve put into realizing their dream “this is a lot of fun, it's 80-hour work weeks, but each one has been fun.”

With such a great work ethic and commitment to their patrons and the residents of North Kingstown, as well as to the pillars of great brew and food, it is no surprise that the West Passage Brewing Company has enjoyed such success and explosive growth. So, stop by and check out West Passage Brewery which between food, drink, and ambiance seems to have something for everyone. Or swing through on a Wednesday night for Dr. Gerry’s Trivia Night and help celebrate the upcoming 100th show anniversary of this West Passage staple. Regardless of what brings you in, it’s a safe bet that between Scott and Cheryl’s vision, and the crew over at West Passage Brewery’s commitment to their patrons, that you’ll find yourself coming back. 




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