Sanitary Sewers

The Sewer Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Town's sanitary sewer collection system. The Sewer Superintendent works with the Engineering Division under the direction of the Public Works Director.

Septic System and cesspool maintenance information can be found on the Water Department's Wastewater Management page.

Chapter 20 Article III - Sanitary Sewers of the Code of Ordinances defines the Town's power and authority to construct, maintain and operate sewerage works.

Sewer Extensions & Connections

Sewer extensions and connections must be made by licensed, qualified contractors and permitted by the Sewer Division of the Public Works Department or the State of Rhode Island.

Any work in the Town right-of-way requires an Excavation Permit from the Engineering office. View the Excavation Permit information and application.

Please note for NK sewer locations: This utility is not a part of the DigSafe program. Contact the Sewer Department at 401-268-1500, ext. 605 or ext. 642 to have any public sewer locations marked.


A Drainlayer repairs, installs or alters drains to a wastewater system. All drainlayers performing work on a sanitary sewer in North Kingstown must be licensed by the Town or State.

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