The North Kingstown (Middle School) Youth Commission

Through the LEARN365RI Grant Coordinator as overseen by the Department of Recreation, seven (7) middle school students will be selected for a seat on the first-annual Youth Commission after submitting their application of interest to the appropriate contact on or before November 3, 2023. The Commission will also include stipends for North Kingstown Middle School Guidance Counselors that will oversee student participation and project coordination with the Grant Coordinator as students are expected to present their funding requests and project ideas to the Town Council at least quarterly during the grant period, as well as meet weekly throughout the school year. Student projects are allotted up to $5,000 per quarter if proposals are approved by the Council Members; project funds will roll over to the subsequent quarter if projects do not receive approval upon presentation. Youth Commission members will each receive a stipend for project generation within the grant period. The North Kingstown Department of Recreation’s Busing Waiver is required if opting-in to transportation services.

Point of contact: North Kingstown 365 Grant Coordinator,
Kayla Van Gorden.

Apply before November 3, 2023: