Protect Your Property From the Hazard

If you aren’t sure whether your property or business is at risk from disasters caused by natural hazards, check with the North Kingstown Building Official at 401-294-3331, ext. 303 or Planning Department 401-268-1571. They can tell you whether you are in an area where hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, or tornadoes are likely to occur. Also, they usually can tell you how to protect yourself, your house, business and property from the different hazards. There is a good report available from FEMA that details many of the improvements you can make to your home both pre-and post-disaster. View Protecting Your Home from Flooding Damage.

The following steps can be taken to protect your property:

  • Keep your property and the surrounding area free of debris
  • Elevate Your House and Utilities
  • Relocate your House and Utilities