Comprehensive Plan

Based upon the requirements of RIGL 45-22.2 entitled “Rhode Island Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Act” (the Act), every municipality in Rhode Island is required to adopt a comprehensive plan for their community. The Town of North Kingstown last updated its comprehensive plan in 2019.

Some of the key features of the Act include:

  • All municipalities are to prepare and adopt a single comprehensive plan that are to be updated and re-adopted not less than every ten years
  • Each plan is to include certain standard content, and that forecasts, goals, and policies must be formulated looking at a minimum 20-year planning horizon
  • Public input and comment is required during the comprehensive planning process
  • Comprehensive plans are to serve as the foundation for municipal zoning
  • Plans are to be reviewed by the State to assure they are consistent with the provisions of the Act
  • State agencies are to conform their programs and projects to municipal plans that have State approval

The Division of Statewide Planning approved the North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan Re-Write in November 2019.  A copy of the approved plan and appendix can be found here:

North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan Re-Write 2019

North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan Re-write 2019 Appendix

The North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan rewrite should clearly articulate the vision and goals of the community and provide the town with a roadmap for accomplishing these items. This comprehensive plan rewrite is a critical step towards establishing innovative and successful policies and practices that will guide North Kingstown to a sustainable future.  Please see the re-write page for detailed information on the elements of the plan.

Additional Resources

There is an abundance of information that is available for review, analysis and incorporation into the comprehensive plan re-write process. We will post some of this information as it becomes available.


The report The Economic Impact of School-Age Population Loss on Rhode Island’s Economy (PDF) is available. This report discusses the economic benefits to municipalities of having strong schools. It also has includes some local statistical information of interest.

Healthy Places by Design

In 2011 and 2012, the Town of North Kingstown partnered with the West Bay Family YMCA on a Healthy Places by Design effort funded by the Rhode Island Department of Health. This project was designed to strengthen land use, transportation and urban design policies and ordinances that guide the decision making process for the built environment to be more supportive of health, particularly as it relates to physical activity and healthy eating. The following documents are available for review: