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Fire Dept.

  1. Thank a North Kingstown Fire Dept. Employee

    If there is a group or member of the North Kingstown Fire Dept. you think deserves recognition, we'd love to hear from you. Please... More…


  1. Alzheimer's / Dementia Alert Application

    If you are caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia, you may register his/her information with the... More…

  2. Business / Home Security Information Form

    Business and Home Owners! Keeping your information current will ensure that the North Kingstown Police Department will be able to... More…

  3. Home Vacation Watch Form

    Vacation Watch Form for when your planning to be away. The officers who patrol your area will have an increased awareness for your... More…

  4. Police Services Survey: How Are We Doing?
  1. Autism Alert Registration

    Complete this application, affix a recent photo and return to the North Kingstown Police Department. Our Department Contact will make... More…

  2. Compliment or Thank an Officer

    Have you ever wanted to commend or thank a North Kingstown Officer or one of our civilian employees, but didn’t know how? For your... More…

  3. North Kingstown Police Department Walk-in Complaint Form

    Form used to file walk-in complaints. Please fill out, print and bring to police headquarters.

  4. Potholes Complaint Form

Senior / Human Services

  1. Registration Form

    A registration form to programs and trips.