What periods do the tax bills cover?

Motor vehicle taxes are for the vehicles owned during the previous calendar year. Real Estate taxes are assessed as of December 31st of each year for the current calendar year. Prorated real estate taxes are assessed as of the date of the certificate of occupancy (CO) for the days from the CO date to the end of the calendar year. Tangible personal property taxes are assessed as of December 31st.A

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1. How often does the Town conduct a revaluation of real estate?
2. I escrow my taxes. Is this real estate tax bill that I received a duplicate copy?
3. I escrow my taxes or I have refinanced my mortgage or my mortgage has been sold and I am escrowing with a different company now. What should I do about my tax bill?
4. Can you provide some information about the Town's Elderly Tax Relief programs?
5. What is the current tax rate?
6. What if a payment is late?
7. What periods do the tax bills cover?
8. When are payments due?
9. When can I appeal motor vehicle taxes? Real estate / tangible taxes?
10. Why did I get a motor vehicle tax bill for a car I don't own anymore?