What does the Social Services Department provide?
  1. Staff in the Social Services Department can assess problems brought to their attention by concerned parties. If Social Services can solve the initial problem, no further action is taken other than to continue to monitor the situation. If the case involves abuse or self-neglect, state law requires additional reporting to the Rhode Island Office of Healthy Aging. Then, the case is usually referred to a regional office and to a coalition of community agencies serving South County who together develop an extensive case plan to best serve the client.
  2. Social Services can assist in advocating for seniors who may need various types of services. The Senior Center attempts to assist seniors and their families in areas of need.
  3. People caring for loved ones receive assistance through a bi-monthly support group.  A Caregivers Support Group meets twice a month at Beechwood. Referrals can be made for respite care and information is provided on various issues involved in care giving.

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6. What does the Social Services Department provide?
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