Steering Committee

The 350th Anniversary Steering Committee has oversight from Ex-Officio Members, including A. Ralph Mollis, Town Manager; Jeannette Alyward, Town Clerk; and Kate Glass. It will work closely with the Town Manager’s Office, Public Safety, Town Clerk, Recreation Department, and other town departments to coordinate all applicable aspects of the year-round calendar of events.

The 350th Anniversary Steering Committee is comprised of the following members:

""   Matt McCoy, Chairperson
   Palmer Beebe, Vice-Chair
   Mike Donohue, Secretary
   Tim Cranston, Town Historian
   Randy Wietman
   Keith Finck
   Haley Wicker
   Gerry Grabowski
   John Gibbons, Jr.

The Committee has garnered valued insight and advice from many eager community members at large as subject matter experts, consultants, and welcome participants including Michelle Girasole of Fresh Maps, Missy Devine, and Tuni Schartner. Thank you all, for your welcome and continued contributions as this celebratory year takes shape and kicks off.

The 350th Anniversary is accepting monetary and in-kind donations and actively soliciting sponsorships for key events within the 2024 calendar year to ensure events and programming are widely accessible to all members of our community. Events range from family-friendly to formal with many opportunities for celebration, education, and engagement with community members and leaders of all ages, in all seasons. Fundraising for the 350th Anniversary of the Town of North Kingstown also seeks to fund a scholarship for continuing education for a qualified member of the North Kingstown High School graduating class.