North Kingstown Department of Recreation

The Department of Recreation is vital to the implementation and successes of North Kingstown’s LEARN365RI programs. From being the critical link as a transportation provider for student participants, to providing experienced and eager staff members for youth programming, and coordination of healthy snacks and box lunches where required, the Recreation Department is also indispensable as the requisite provider of Chromebooks for students actively participating in LEARN365RI programming; programming to address critical learning loss in the summer months; as the logistical and administrative lynchpin in North Kingstown’s LEARN365RI grant award. 

Two significant programs within the Recreation Department that are large providers of LEARN365RI learning opportunities in North Kingstown will be available for students daily over six weeks of the summer of 2024, through the Summer Squad and Teen Extreme camps. Registration and other details will be made available for residents by the Recreation Department in the Spring of 2024. Those interested in registering will need an active user account with the Recreation Department that can be created here.

The North Kingstown Director of Recreation, Ms. Chelsey Dumas-Gibbs, is the overarching lead for LEARN365RI Programming. She is the supervisor of Ms. Kayla Van Gorden, North Kingstown LEARN365RI Grant Coordinator. Van Gorden will be on-site for many youth programs for the 2023/24 grant year and complete data acquisition and reporting forms for grant funding, as well as be the central LEARN365RI programming liaison with the appropriate points of contact for participating schools within the North Kingstown School District. As the Grant Coordinator, Van Gorden works a part-time schedule to oversee our LEARN265RI programming.