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An Indoor Recreational Facility has been a dream of the Recreation Department for decades and will service all of the Town; all generations and generations to come.

 As time has gone on, our population continues to increase, and the demand has become more significant.

 In North Kingstown we have 27 beautiful outdoor recreational areas including but limited to fields, open space, parks, playgrounds, trails, and ponds totaling over 900 acres. 

We owe it to the citizens of the community to provide them with the same level of amenities indoors. 

In the case of inclement weather, we are forced to scale back our programs, cancel, hope to reschedule. 

In North Kingstown, our indoor locations consist of limited meeting spaces, a Community Center, and the use of the school buildings. 

The school buildings are becoming more difficult for us to use due to the increase of interscholastic programming and the increased population. 

The Senior Center uses the Community Center daily for programming leaving limited room for Recreational activities. The Community Center would become an annex for the Senior Center, opening up more programming opportunity, while still allowing for public rental and use on nights and weekends. 

The limited amenities available in the Community Center prevent us from hosting certain events that we want to provide as a service to the community.

We have expanded our programming through the years, but we are still held back from our maximum potential due to all these factors. 

The reality is that the population and demand are increasing but the number of facilities is not. Since 2015 the number of programs the Recreation Department offered went up about 40% and participation 42%, with 35-50 programs running annually and 2,500-3,200 people participating in these programs each year, yet we are confined within the same amount of space with no additional amenities to expand on the needs that are voiced by the community.

Why do we need an Indoor Recreation Facility?
 Open Availability To The Entire Community

  • North Kingstown population is growing and changing
  • Programming is expanding 
  • We have had to cut back on some programming due to lack of space 
  • Outdoor space is incredible…we need to be offering that same commitment in inclement weather conditions and over the winter 
  • Allows for more programming creativity and innovation to include more of the community and a changing demographic
  • Allows for more recreational programming in the underserved population of teens and seniors
  • Shared indoor space with the NKSD limiting both entities  with youth population growth
  • Sharing the Cold Spring Community Center limiting Recreational and Senior programming, would like to give the Community Center to the Seniors to expand their programming to meet their needs at the Senior Center
  • North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan identifies the need for new and upgraded recreational facilities to enhance the quality of life and health of our residents (dance floors and rooms connecting to court yards)
  • Indoor recreation facility is listed as a specific action in the plan
  • Survey showed development of new recreational facilities identified among the top ten priority actions.
  • Building will also serve as an Emergency Shelter. Our goal is to have this facility as a warming and cooling shelter with battery storage capability.
  • Provides access to computers and concession space for additional programming 
  • North Kingstown Residents frequently visit South Kingstown Indoor Recreation Facility, when we could have one in our own back yard!

Our Current Programs:

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Defining our need... Having an Indoor Recreation Facility will increase program capability for all ages... 

  • Seniors increase of program approximately 60%
  • Adults increase of program approximately 60%
  • High School increase of program approximately 40%
  • Middle School increase of program approximately 100%
  • Elementary School increase of program approximately 40%
  • Preschool or younger increase of program approximately 100%

Right now we are only able to provide one pre-K program and minimal Middle School Programs. When talking to the Senior Center their classes are limited based on amenities. These numbers are based off what we can NOT provide within the space restriction  we have now. 

Some examples of added programming to include: 

  • Two multi-use convertible classroom spaces 
    • one technologically equipped and one with access to the outdoor courtyard
    • Zumba, barre and yoga set up as well as mirrors and dance floors 
    • space allowing for variety of classes' for mental health and over wellness as well as job fairs and educational sessions
    • cyber safety and life skills classes
    • Indoor pickleball, added space for Adult basketball, volleyball, badminton etc. 
    • Preschool programming
    • Study hall and mentorship space
    • Game nights/afterschool activity for middle schoolers
    • Wall ball, futsal
    • Rollout stage for drama and theatre production 
    • Adequate tournament space 

More importantly, the demands of the Community and Recreation are ever-changing, we will be adequately prepared for these changes and can more appropriately meet the demands of the public as the needs change. 

Our Current Draft Concept was evaluated to advance the quality of Recreational Programming 

The project includes these highlights of the building:

these are just examples of what we could provide, this space opens up a variety of options and we
 would be continuing with online surveys to meet the needs of all!  

  • High School Sized Basketball Courts lined as multipurpose courts and accessible as half courts
  • Retractable Basketball Goal Assemblies at full and half court 
  • NINE pickleball courts
  • One court to be oversized to allow for REMOVEABLE Artificial Turf and court surrounds to support approx 110 x 70 or 85 x 45 Artificial Turf Orientation 
  • Two retractable ceiling-mounted batting cages/pitching cages
  • Two retractable ceiling-mounted gym mats (wrestling/gymnastics/pre-k tumbling)
  • 1/6 mile walking track
  • Retractable bleachers
  • Two multi-use convertible classroom spaces 
    • one technologically equipped and one with access to the outdoor courtyard
    • zumba and yoga set up as well as mirrors and dance floors 
    • space allowing for variety of classes' for mental health and over wellness as well as job fairs and educational sessions
  • One Rentable conference room/multipurpose room 
  • Two restrooms/lockers
  • One officials/locker space 
  • Office suite with kitchen/breakroom, conference room, reception area, lobby and media room
  • Plenty of closet and storage space 
  • Utility and Janitorial space 
  • Two concession areas
  • Sound buffering on the ceiling 
  • Roll out stage for rainy day performances 
  • Lots of natural light
  • Room dividers to allow multiple use
  • Potential utilization of solar power and other green resources 
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Site Parameters Considered

It is important to note that there are two locations being considered. 

We will NOT choose a location without more public weigh in. If the bond is approved there will be more time for the public to voice their opinion on their more favorable location for this exciting project. 

  • Parcel size and configuration
  • At least 5-6 acres in size for approx. 55,000 square foot building
    • With room outside for potential future additional phases for additional indoor and/or outdoor amenities
  • Parcel size includes parking 1 per every 200 square feet
  • Ownership – public or private
  • Access to infrastructure – water, drainage, stormwater, sewer, utilities need to add 5-10,000 square feet if non sewered 
  • Location – north, south, central
  • Site constraints – wetlands, flood zone, wooded
  • Zoning
  • Proximity to public transportation 

Below is the map of locations considered. The blue stars represent the two locations being considered. You can find more information on each on the tabs below.

  1. quonset 
  2. Davisville Academy

4.59 acres; slightly on the smaller side, hoping to make up space for parking with local businesses for tournaments
Access to sewer and water
Very good transportation access (Directly off Gate Road).
Not in flood zone
Doesn’t appear to be wetlands
Fairly central location in NK, close to Post Road – easy access and close to other services and amenities.

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Background Work Completed To Date

  • Visited other facilities and asked them questions about functionality, programming and cost. 
  • Looking at parcels that are large enough for expansion – minimum of 6 acres in size
  • Met with the school athletic department 
  • Met with Senior Center Director
  • Discussed the possible town owned areas to avoid cost in acquisition unnecessarily 
  • Monthly meetings with a committee including architects, LSAC volunteers, Planning, Recreation and DPW to discuss locations and logistics
  • Meetings with South Kingstown Recreation Director and Indoor Facility Manager
  • Meetings and walk throughs with Kevin Alverson, Design Professional to discuss preliminary feasibility studies and layouts
  • Cost estimate obtained
  • EDAB and Asset Management provided input on potential locations


Indoor Recreation Center will cost up to $25 Million - Bond 

  • Applications for grant funding in process:
    • Earmarks with Reed, Whitehouse & Magaziner
    • Capital Project Funds through the Coronavirus Capital Projects Funds/U.S Treasury
  • Secured Funding Source
    • ARPA Funding in addition to the bond 
  • Possibility of Funding through
    •  Green Infrastructure Funding 
    • DEM Acquisition Grant round 2023 not    announced yet
    • Bond 
    • Fundraising 
    • HUD

Other possible sources still being researched 

This building will require annual operating budget and will produce revenues to assist in offset thereof.

A survey from the North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan asked residents, “What do you like best about your town?” The second highest response from residents was “It’s a good place to raise a family”.  

Indeed, North Kingstown provides an excellent environment for families. North Kingstown High School ranked #4 on US News and World Report’s list of top ranked Rhode Island schools. 

North Kingstown’s beautiful outdoor recreation spaces also provide an environment perfect for families. North Kingstown boasts a myriad of outdoor recreational areas: Ryan Park, the town beach, Quonset Bike Path, Davis Memorial Wildlife Refuge, and many more. 

While these outdoor spaces are an integral part of North Kingstown’s recreational opportunities, the town is missing an adequate indoor recreational facility. This proposed indoor recreation facility will fill the needs of North Kingstown youth and families and draw in new families from surrounding areas.


This project will create jobs!

  • Design professionals like
        • Engineers
        • Architects
        • Landscape Architects
        • Utility Design and HVAC people
        • Solar Engineers AND MORE
    • Construction Company related work 
      • Site Work Contractor (excavator, septic/utility installations, and grading procedures)
      • Site Paving Contractor
      • Electrical Contractor
      • Plumbing Contractor
      •  Interior Electrical Work
      • Interior Plumbing and HVAC people
      • Builders for Shell of building 
      •  Court installation specialists
      • Specialists for Sports Equipment installation (BBall Hoops, Turf, Batting Cages, Mats, etc.)
      • Roofing Contractor
      • Outdoor finishings people (paint, special siding, specialty windows)
      •  Interior finishings people (tiling, flooring, plastering, painting, etc.)
      • Manufacturing jobs

Questions on this project?

Feel free to reach out to the Recreation Director Chelsey Dumas-Gibbs

Click here for more information on the Safety Complex and the Middle School Project