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As one of the oldest private healthcare services in the state, Alert Ambulance Service Inc. strives to put a smile in healthcare! With humble beginnings as an ambulance service company in 1977, Alert Ambulance was bought by its current owner John Moss in 1986 and has been steadily transforming into the alternative healthcare service it’s become today inclusive of three divisions, Alert Ambulance, Alert Healthcare and Alert Urgent Care. These three divisions service communities from Boston-Chicopee in addition to North Kingstown, Bristol, Cranston, and Wakefield, it is clear that while Alert Urgent Care is “new to town [they are] not new to medicine”.  Alert Healthcare has contracts with the State of Rhode Island, National Guard, and 96 Rhode Island nursing homes.

Since acquiring over the company in the 80s, John Moss has applied his minimalist vision to the business, which means everything goes back into the company. This work ethic and conscientious reinvestment emanates from a bigger desire: “I don’t want to be the biggest company; I want to be the best”. 
 This approach combined with strong family values benefits not only the North Kingstown community but also the staff and employees of Alert Urgent Care.

“In the corporate world many managers view employees like adversaries; I prefer to have a team approach aimed at the common goal of making the urgent care a place that provides great patient care as well as a great place to work.”

Healthcare workers of Alert Urgent Care

As a result, Alert Urgent Care has taken some commonsense measures to ensuring company happiness, ranging from actions as simple as flexible scheduling to employee input on holiday celebrations and time off. These measures have proven successful;  despite the demand on healthcare and the extra strain the pandemic put on healthcare workers, Alert Urgent Care was able to defy the odds and grow from 200 to over 500 employees during the pandemic! While the pandemic offered unique challenges to businesses around the country perhaps no industry was tested to the level of the healthcare system and its providers. As the world endeavored to hibernate through this existential crisis those 

(From left to right: Yessenia Mackillop, Lisa Howell, Julianna Carreiro, Lisa Turner NP, Dave Rogers PA)

in the healthcare system found themselves on the front line forced to suit up for battle. Many businesses were forced to reduce hours or shutter their doors altogether due to the pandemic, Alert seized the opportunity to serve the community. And serve the community they did!

In addition to the 96 nursing facilities the Alert Healthcare Division services throughout the state, they also found time to develop and implement a multi-integrated community healthcare program, and were able to provide and administer 15,000+ vaccines, over 3,800 monoclonal antibody courses, and over 1 million Covid tests. 

 It wasn’t until “the end of the rise of the pandemic [that] ownership sought opportunity to continue practicing healthcare in North Kingstown through mobile, in home, and now a brick-and-mortar service.” Upon discovery that a former medical practice location was for sale on Post Road the AUC worked to secure it as its physical location. Located on Post Road just off highway 403 between Kent and South County hospitals, this fresh location aims to reinforce that while “urgent care is in town it offers more than just urgent care services”. In fact, Alert Urgent Care has worked tirelessly to be a “healthcare one-stop-shop” for North Kingstown and the greater community.

The Alert Healthcare Division’s Multi-Integrated Community Healthcare Program represents one leg of this commitment. This program is aimed at providing at home triage and care in pursuit of reduced unnecessary hospital visits in the community and has and continues to pioneer this “hospital at home” approach to healthcare with over 1000 patients.

At its physical location Alert Urgent Care offers a full range of services including full labs, DOT physicals, women’s health services, urinalysis, x-ray services, Covid vaccines, and Covid PCR tests (the kind that shows results within 35 minutes). Because the center offers these services and is still growing in its new location, AUC is known for little to know wait! “45 minutes is the average turnaround time from walking in the door to walking out”.  

UC Kids

Alert Urgent Care even has a well-appointed pediatric examination room! It’s so well appointed in fact that one provider mentioned “having a child the other day who didn’t want to leave!”

When asked what the future holds those working at the AUC respond simply, “our desire moving forward is to become a staple for the community through our services, to open several more specialized facilities including a mental health location to respond to the community need identified in this post pandemic era, as well as to create more jobs in the community”.

What does this mean for your average North Kingstown-ian you might ask? 
 It means a committed and dedicated team of professionals have come together to create a kind, patient focused, family-oriented atmosphere where you get the distinct impression they really care. From children to seniors, civilians to military, the folks at Alert Urgent Care urgently care about our North Kingstown community.

Find Alert Urgent Care's new location at 7620 Post Road, North Kingstown! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mon-Fri: 8am - 7pm                                                                                                                                                                                  Sat/Sun: 8am - 3pm                                  

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