North Koffee Artisan Roasters


North Koffee Artisan Roasters:

     Walking into North Koffee on Post Road, one is instantly greeted with
the warm and familiar yet exotic smells of delicious coffee roasts from
far off places.

 Then it happens! If you’ve been here more than a couple of times you find yourself greeted by name,
NoKostar and that’s because Emily and Stephanie, the owners at North Koffee care. Not just about “matching the
 right order to the right people” as they’ll gleefully tell you, but about the community and people that
 make up North Kingstown. The result is a Cheers like atmosphere where you feel welcomed and looked after no matter what time of the day you find yourself stopping by, be it as a first shifter, or as a teacher getting that final cup of cheer before heading home for the day.  This beautifully crafted ambiance is the culmination of over 30 years of combined hospitality industry and barista experience and is a tribute to the passion and vision this women owned business has and
 operates with.

Emily, co-owner of North Koffee

 Having bonded with Stephanie 15 years ago as one of her former baristas, Emily felt encouraged to be a
 part of the all-female driving force behind North Koffee! A decision she says her repeat regulars from
fifteen years ago made easy when she helped start North Koffee and realized it “felt like coming home”.
With Emily’s past experience working with and creating skin care products, and “coffee in her blood” Emily found herself a natural at the coffee roasting process. So much so that she is now one of only two female roasters in the area.
Spurred on by the “fun” of coffee roasting and encouraged by the incomparably delicious results her “playing” produced, Emily found herself diving headfirst into the artisanal coffee roasting world, even going so far as to train in Florida with their roaster’s inventor. 

With coffee, the process doesn’t just stop or start there, however. It begins with the meticulous selection of ethically sourced, fair trade coffee beans.
These beans are whittled down from over a hundred options to just eight-twelve and are selected for their characteristics and taste profile amongst different companies and unique farms from around the world. While carefully selected, it’s not until the first roast that Emily has an idea of what magic these little beans will lend themselves to in the form of a signature blend or roast single origin, all of which can be purchased by the cup, pound, or in bulk.

While a great stop for quality ambiance and Coffee, North Koffee cares about so much more. They care
about the community! This is made evident through all the little locally sourced details and products
they incorporate in their drinks and café, and includes locally made honey, sweets, and anon.
Perhaps there is no better example of this than the “Local Love Wall” where you can purchase local
artisanal products. When asked what inspired them to create and house this, the answer, along with a
smile was that they want to “share all their favorite local products with their favorite local people”.
Not only has this resulted in North Koffee incorporating local businesses into their café but it has also
resulted in some awesome local collaborations ranging from an Arts Show Case with Post Road based Harbor Creative
Arts, to a beer collaboration with Tilted Barn Brewery, and a BBQ sauce collaboration with South County Barbeque.
With spring and summer just around the corner Emily and Stephanie are eagerly looking forward to some of the exciting partnerships in the works and are excited for future collaborative opportunities with the local community as the opportunities present themselves.North Koffee crew opening image

With so much interest in showing love to the local community as well as the international coffee growing community, it’s clear that Emily and Stephanie at North Koffee Artisan Roasters are adept at incorporating and spreading love in all that they do.

These signature blends speak to the character, quality, and passion North Koffee brings to the North Kingstown area, NoKo22 Signature Espresso with amazing crema, Pot O' Gold medium roast, and one can't forget this month's holiday themed Shamrock Gold Foam! 

Come check out North Koffee at 7726 Post Road, open weekdays 5:30am - 4:00 pm, Saturday 7:00am - 2:00pm, and Sunday 8:00am-1:00pm.

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