North Kingstown Decon Team 2011

Hazardous material incidents account for a little over two percent of all calls to the Fire Department. Hazardous materials are routinely transported on the streets and rail of North Kingstown and there are countless businesses that use or store reportable quantities of hazardous materials.  There are different types of hazardous materials incident responses ranging from a single engine response (e.g., an abandoned container of motor oil, or carbon monoxide incidents), to a response requiring the Department’s entire staff for a major release of hazardous materials. Additional resources are available if needed through the Southern New England Fire Service Assistance Plan.

hazmat tent

The North Kingstown Fire Department operates 1 of 4 regional Decontamination Teams in the State of Rhode Island.  The team’s primary function is the physical process of reducing and preventing the spread of contaminants for persons and equipment at a HAZMAT incident.  The DECON Team operates the DECON Trailer with capabilities of chemical decontamination, air monitoring, weather station as well as HAZMAT support team for the regional HAZMAT Teams.


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