Results of EPA required Risk & Resiliency Assessment of the North Kingstown Water Department

We are pleased to present the favorable Assessment on the Water Resources in our Town. Please click below for a summary memo as well as the full report and a PowerPoint presentation from the consultant who performed the assessment. My thanks go out to all of the employees of the Water Department for their continued outstanding work in protecting and preserving this valuable resource of North Kingstown.

-Tim Cranston, Director of Water Supply

Merged Final Town of North Kingstown WSD RRA Report
North Kingstown WSD RRA Presentation
Memo - Cover Letter for EPA RR Report

North Kingstown Water Department

Mission Statement

It is the duty of the Department of Water Supply to provide water of adequate quality and quantity to our customers and to ensure that the Town water supply meets water quality standards as defined by the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Water Supply

The water supply for the Town comes from 11 gravel-packed groundwater wells located in the Hunt-Annaquatucket-Pettaquamscutt Sole Source Aquifer.

Water Quality
2022 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)
2021 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)
2020 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)
2019 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)


The North Kingstown Department of Water Supply is a municipally owned and operated water utility providing both domestic water and fire protection to a population of approximate24,000 people.

Distribution System

In addition to the municipal wells, the Department is responsible for maintenance of a distribution system consisting of: 

  • 5 storage tanks
  • 2 booster stations
  • 1,045 fire hydrants
  • 177 miles of distribution piping

To see the Well Station Rehabilitation and Summary of Completed Repairs, click the link below.
Well Repairs PDF

Leak Detection

Memo - Asterra Report
Executive Summary Report - Town of North Kingstown June 2023

Groundwater Forum

View the report on North Kingstown Groundwater Resources Forum (PDF).


The Water Department is operated as an Enterprise Fund, meaning that all funding comes from user fees. No tax dollars support the Water Department. The department employs 13 full-time and one part-time employee. 

Staff Licensure

All Water Department staff, with the exception of two (2) clerical positions, must maintain Rhode Island Drinking Water Operator Licenses in both Distribution and Treatment.

Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Inspections

Locate a qualified 2023 Town Approved OWTS inspector (PDF).

Conservation Committee Update:

The North Kingstown Department of Water Supply, along with all other public water systems in the U.S., regularly test for PFAS/PFOA in our drinking water resources. In North Kingstown, we regularly test our wells and ensure that all water going into our distribution system are well below the Rhode Island standard of 20 parts per trillion which is roughly equivalent to a few drops in an Olympic sized swimming pool. Since PFAS/PFOA levels are connected to public health, we take this topic very seriously and are constantly reviewing the new literature on the subject. Below are a few links from both the EPA and state of RI discussing the topic that we found very helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the North Kingstown Department of Water Supply. 





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