Recording Fees

Type of Document
Account Under Mechanics Lien (Rhode Island General Laws 34-13-8)
Additional Pages Per Instrument Per Page
Any Other Instrument Not Otherwise Expressly Provided
Assignment of Mortgage
Bill of Sale
Business Certificate $45.00*
Deed of Executor, Administrator, Trustees, Conservator Receiver or Commissioner $80.00*
Discharge of Attachment or Execution $45.00*
Discharge of Federal Tax Lien $7.25*
Discharge of Mortgage $45.00*
Easement $80.00*
Federal Tax Lien $7.25*
Foreclosure Deed Under Power of Sale With Affidavit $80.00*
General Assignment $45.00*
Lis pendens (pending legal action)
Maps, Plats, Surveys, Drawings (Not Attached to or a Part of Another Recordable Instrument) $45.00*
Mechanic’s Lien $10.00
Notice of Lien or Release of Rhode Island Employment & Training (28-40-14) $4.00
Partial Release of Mortgage
Power of Attorney $45.00*
Quitclaim Deed $80.00*
Recording Fees (Rhode Island Habitat Restoration Team) (Rhode Island General Laws 34-13-7)
ADD *$4.00
Tax Certificate (Rhode Island General Laws 44-7-11) $8.00
Warranty Deed $80.00*
Writ of Attachment or Execution Affecting Title to Real Estate
Writ of Attachment or Lien Affecting Title to Mobile Home $2.00
Uniform Commercial Code Fees (Rhode Island General Laws 6A-9-525)
All Documents (1 or 2 Pages) $16.00
All Documents (3 or More Pages) $32.00
Certification of Instruments (Rhode Island General Laws 34-13-9) $3.00
Copies of Instruments: Photostatic Per Page $1.50
Rhode Island Historical Records Trust (Rhode Island General Laws 42-8.1-20) $4.00
Copies of Recorded Maps $2.00 / per map