Accident Report Information

Reports can be obtained in person at the North Kingstown Police station. There is no charge for those persons who are listed in the accident report.

You can also purchase an accident report via the internet using

DMV Policy

As of September 1st, 2013 state accident reports are no longer required. DMV has changed its policy and no longer requires motorists to file the form entitled the Motor Vehicle Accident Report (more commonly referred to as the State Crash Report). Now when a person is involved in a crash where there is bodily injury or damage in excess of $1,000 they will only be required to file a Uniform Crash Report, also known as a "Police Crash Report." 

This report is generated by state and local law enforcement officials, usually at the scene of the crash, and will now be accepted by DMV in lieu of the State Report. The crash report is automatically sent to the RI Department of Transportation (DOT) where crash statistics are tabulated. DMV receives the crash information from DOT every day, eliminating an additional step for motorists.

Damage due to a pothole, construction zone, or to your mailbox on a state road you will need to follow the directions from RI DOT.

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