Business Safety

Business Fire Safety

As you are well aware, a business interruption due to a fire can have an enormous financial impact on your business, as well as those of your neighbors. Recent fires in the business districts in some of our surrounding communities have centered attention on the prevention of fires in the workplace.

Please review the enclosed checklist, and take action necessary to eliminate these common fire hazards. Your cooperation will help our community minimize the risk of an accidental fire in the business district.

Should you need any further information regarding items on the checklist, or wish to schedule a fire safety inspection, please contact the North Kingstown Fire Prevention Office at 401-294-3346 extension 7208.

Fire Prevention in the Workplace

  • Eliminate the use of makeshift wiring and limit use of extension cords.
  • Be sure not to overtax electrical outlets or circuits.
  • Limit the use of flammable liquids and store those you use in sealed metal containers.
  • Eliminate the use of candles and open flames whenever possible.
  • Eliminate the use of portable space heaters.
  • Maintain clearance around boilers, burners, and heaters.
  • Provide metal ashtrays in designated smoking areas.
  • Empty trash receptacles daily.
  • Remove excess cardboard and other packing materials from the building daily.
  • Dispose of oily rags in closed metal receptacles, and empty them frequently.
  • Eliminate accumulations of rubbish in and around your business.
  • Keep passageways and fire exits free from obstructions.
  • Maintain the proper number and type of fire extinguishers, and be sure that both you and your employees know how to use them.
  • If you don’t have one, consider installing a fire alarm system in your business.
  • If you don’t have one, consider installing a sprinkler system in your business.
  • If you have an alarm or a sprinkler system, be sure it is being maintained properly.