Post Permit Card

Following Issuance of Permit Post Permit Card: The permit card shall be posted on site and be visible from the street throughout the project. 

Approved Plans

One set of approved plans, including site plan, shall remain at the work site throughout the project.

Site Identification

All sites require proper street numbering or appropriate signage that identify the project location.

Property Boundaries

All property boundaries shall be clearly marked prior to beginning work involving additions or expansion of a structure. Note: Failure to comply with the aforementioned reference requirements may result in the denial of inspections services and the assessment of additional re-inspections fees.

Permit Expiration

A permit shall become invalid except for reasonable cause, unless work authorized shall have been started with six (6) months after its issuance unless an extension, not to exceed ninety (90) days, has been applied for and granted in writing by the Building Official.


The following inspections are required and must be scheduled through the Building Official's Office, 401-294-3331, ext. 301 / 303, Inspection requests shall be made at least 24 hours in advance of the inspection.

Note: Structural inspections are conducted Monday through Friday; Electrical inspection are conducted Monday through Friday;  Plumbing and Mechanical inspections are conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, only.

Foundations & Footings

All excavation and form work is to be complete prior to inspections. No concrete shall be poured without approval of the Building Official.

Damp-proofing, foundation drains, and insulation: The Building Officials Office shall inspect the foundation, following the removal of forms, to check required foundation damp-proofing, openings, and or insulation, anchor bolts and drainage system, when required. No back-filling shall completed without approval of the Building Official. 


Rough framing inspections shall be completed prior to installation of insulation.  Rough framing inspections shall be scheduled after the rough inspections have been completed for complementary electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits associated with the project.

Fireplace, chimney

A separate building permit for the construction/installation of all zero-clearance fireplaces, masonry chimneys and fireplace is required. The purpose of this procedure is to assure that each masonry chimney and solid fuel burning appliance/fireplace is constructed/installed in compliance with all applicable codes.

Inspection is required for interior fireplaces prior to installation of insulation or interior wall cover and following the completion of construction/installation through all floors and ceilings, prior to roof penetration.

Exterior fireplace, chimney rough inspection is required following the completion of smoke chamber construction, prior to chimney construction/installation or cover.

Final Fireplace, chimney inspection: required upon completion.


Insulation inspection shall be completed prior to wall board being installed.

Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical

Rough inspections are required prior the the associated work being covered.  Final Inspections shall be schedule prior to occupancy.


Final inspection shall be completed prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of Completion. The final inspection shall be scheduled following the completion of all work indicated on the building permit and approved plans and following the completion of all required inspections, prior to occupancy.

Note: House numbers shall be permanently affixed on the property prior to the Final Certificate of Occupancy inspection. All plumbing, mechanical and electrical equipment/systems shall be in operational condition with all utility services and connections completed prior to scheduling final inspections.

Fire Department

The applicant is responsible for scheduling all Fire Marshal inspections, Fire Marshal inspection shall be scheduled through the Fire Marshal's office at 401-294-3346 ext 7201. The Fire Marshall shall inspect the installation of all fire protection equipment prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.